Order and safely purchase your items online

Montaigne Optique provides you several secured payment methods to give you peace of mind and a guarantee to place your order safely. You may pay by credit card, with PayPal or bank transfer.

Pay with credit card

We accept most credit card (debit cards, Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express…)

montaigneoptique guarantees a fully secured payment, whether you order sunglasses, prescription glasses, or contact lenses.

Indeed, when ordering on, the transaction takes place on an encrypted page between yourself and our bank’s payment system  (CIC/Crédit Mutuel). You temporarily leave the montaigneoptique website in full transparency to register your bank  details on a secured page from our bank, from which we cannot access to see your bank information.

This procedure guarantees :
 – that we will never know your credit card number, it is typed on a secure page hosted by our bank,
– the bank payment center (CM-CIC p@iement) will not be able to know the details of your purchase, since only the total amount and the order number will be transmitted to « CM-CIC payment» by
Your order will be automatically cancelled and you will be notified by email if one of the banks (yours or ours) would happen to deny the payment.

We do not take orders on phonecalls to guarantee you a maximum level of security.

Pay with Paypal

Montaigneoptique allows you to pay your order with PayPal account.

This payment method guarantees you a maximal level of security since you won’t need to give us your bank details or to use your credit card.

You can use Paypal without having a Paypal account
Credit cards accepted by PayPal:
• Discover
• Visa
• VPay
• American Express
• Mastercard

Pay by bank transfer

Would you like to order one or more items on without using your credit card or your PayPal account?

In that case, you can pay by bank transfer.

Call us or e-mail us at contact@montaigneoptique.comWe also advise you to take contact with your bank and ask about any additional fees that may apply to this type of transaction for a transfer from « bank to bank » and /or « international transfer »